The human/animal bond is as old as human history.    

We cherish our pets for the unconditional love and acceptance they give us.  


ROAR exists to strengthen that bond and rescue the pets left destitute when the bond of that trust is broken.  




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Donofrio Family Animal Shelter

45 South Street

Ridgefield, CT 06877

Phone:   203-438-0158

Fax:       203-438-0267



Allyson Dotson, Shelter Director



The Shelter is open to the public during the following hours:


        Sunday:           12pm - 2pm

        Monday:           11am – 3pm

        Tuesday:          CLOSED

        Wednesday       CLOSED   

        Thursday:         11am – 3pm   and   6pm - 8pm

        Friday:              11am – 3pm  and     6pm - 8pm

        Saturday:          11am – 3pm






 Meet Our Board of Directors and Tilly's Pups 



Board of Directors

  Joseph Loonan, President

  Sandy Sullivan, Vice President  

  Thomas Zuber, Treasurer

  Janet Sommer, Secretary

  Caroline Kellen

  Maria Palone

  Lisa Plateroti

  Susan Richter

  Jeremy Stein


 Pamela Rybarczyk, Emeritus


 Allyson Dotson, Shelter Director




  Cheryl Chappa, DVM

  Donna Cobelli, DVM

  Carol Gamez, DVM

  Clifford Heidinger, DVM

  Jeffrey Hubsher, DVM

  William Adler

  Christiana Campos

  John Katz

  Tom Reynolds

  Jane Turner


  Mary-Jo Duffy, CPDT Training Coordinator

   Rachael Beuchler, CPDT


  Didi Tulloch, Pets for Vets Coordinator



  Marcia Libby