Foster Care Program

Occasionally we have animals that need to go into a foster home. Being a foster family is a great way of volunteering for ROAR if you are working from home or have the time to provide temporary special care!

We may use foster care in these situations:
  • Kittens who are too young, too small, need to be bottle fed or are sick
  • Kittens who need extensive medical care/attention
  • Cats that needs special care or aren’t doing well in the shelter
  • Puppies who need special care
  • Dogs with varying needs; older, sick, scared, depressed, etc.
  • Animals recovering from major surgery

The advantages of foster care are many!

Approved foster families provide a safe home, love and supportive care.
ROAR provides food, litter (cat fosters), training (dog fosters) and all veterinary care will be covered for the fostered animal.
For further information about our foster program and how to become a foster family, please contact our Foster Care Coordinator at