Pet Profiles

Extra Care for Long-term Residents

At ROAR most of our residents come through our doors and after a short period of loving care here at the shelter, leave for their new homes. But, sometimes, even a sweet, beautiful animal gets passed by due to no fault of his/her own. The timing just isn’t right and the perfect match takes a little longer to be made. Because of their lengthier stay with us, these animals receive a little extra care. Some are given foster homes where they are exposed to real life family noises and smells as well as others animals and a real home life. Others receive extensive training in behavior classes and by ROAR’s trainers. The animals flourish in these situations instead of becoming more and more despondent while waiting for a home.


Bianca is an adorable, sweet girl with beautiful, shiny black fur, gorgeous green eyes, and a calm and loving personality. She is one of the newest residents in ROAR’s Cat Room and just celebrated her ninth birthday.
Bianca doesn’t know where her beloved person is, why she’s not in her home and where her favorite things are. We can’t explain to her that her owner is no longer able to care for her since she had to move into a nursing home. Humans mourn the loss of a family member and so does Bianca.
Since coming to ROAR, Bianca recognizes some familiar faces, knows that she is loved, likes to be pet and snoozes in some favorite comfortable spots. She is in a caring place but we know that a shelter isn’t where she belongs.
If you have a quiet and peaceful home and love cats, make an appointment to meet Bianca.
She is spayed, micro-chipped and up-to-date on vaccinations. Bianca is also eligible for our Senior for Senior program.



Hannah is a sweet, three-year old Shepherd mix. She spent the first six months of her life living in a back yard with her five siblings where they never got to experience the warmth of a human’s touch. From there she was taken in by a wonderful rescue but unfortunately, with their limited resources, Hannah and her siblings still rarely experienced human interaction. Hannah came to ROAR back in January with her friend Judd. She’s been with us since then.
Hannah is continuing to make progress. However, she still has a long journey ahead of her. She desperately needs someone who is patient, experienced, dedicated and determined to teach her that the world and people are safe. Hannah would do best in a quiet and calm environment with no children.
She is up-to-date on vaccinations, micro-chipped and spayed.


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At ROAR, everyone receives what they need to live happy, healthy lives
until the home they are waiting for is found.