Pet Profiles

Extra Care for Long-term Residents

At ROAR most of our residents come through our doors and, a after a short period of loving care here at the shelter, leave for their new homes. But, sometimes, even a sweet, beautiful animal gets passed by due to no fault of his/her own. The timing just isn’t right and the perfect match takes a little longer to be made. Because of their lengthier stay with us, these animals receive a little extra care. Some are given foster homes where they are exposed to real life family noises and smells as well as others animals and a real home life. Others receive extensive training in behavior classes and by ROAR’s trainers. The animals flourish in these situations instead of becoming more and more despondent while waiting for a home. TRACEY and CALVIN are two of our favorite examples.





This petite one year old kitty had a rough start. Just a baby herself, Tracey seems too young to have had kittens of her own, but she arrived at ROAR with three little ones in tow. She was caring for them, but having a hard time caring for herself. So we did! We had her spayed to avoid further pregnancies, and, with lots of love, good nutritious food and a warm place to sleep, Tracey is absolutely thriving. Quite petite in size, Tracey is not lacking in personality or confidence. She has even claimed the princess bed in the window of our cat room as her very own!

The three kittens have all since been adopted and now it’s time for this darling mama kitty to find a loving home of her own. Tracey is comfortable living with other cats and dogs. She will make a constant, loyal, loving companion. Tracey is up to date on vaccinations, is FelV/FiV negative, and is spayed. Her adoption fee is $200.

***Please remember to keep your cats indoors, especially during this time of year, as predators are active preparing for the harsh weather ahead.***







Four-year-old Calvin was found starved, unhealthy and covered in mange after being neglected by his owners. His rescue was miraculous thanks to our wonderful rescue partners at Homeward Bound of Mississippi. They quickly cleaned him up, made him comfortable, fed him nutritious food, and provided him with the medical care he desperately needed.

His bad luck is behind him now. Calvin is starting a new chapter in his life…one where he should be the main character. Here at ROAR he’s getting more love than he could ever have imagined and he repays our kindness with an abundance of affection. Spend five minutes with Calvin and you’ll discover that he is a gentle giant just starving for love.

His story reminds us of what rescue is all about. It truly makes you wonder how any human could neglect any animal in his/her care, especially a good boy like this. And it is amazing that after being treated so poorly, Calvin is still trusting and affectionate. Maybe it’s rescue “mutt” gratitude, often expressed through loyalty, warmth, and a deep desire to please, that makes him extra special.

See how happy he is now and imagine this boy when he finds his forever home. Calvin is up to date on vaccinations, is micro-chipped, and is neutered. His adoption fee is $350.

At ROAR, everyone receives what they need to live happy, healthy lives
until the home they are waiting for is found.