Sadly, we receive more calls from people who want to surrender an animal than people who are looking to adopt. We strive to accommodate as many animals as possible while still making sure that the animals have sufficient space in a healthy environment.

If you are moving, check for places that allow pets.  Many places do.  Do not place an ad for “free to good home” in the newspaper, unless you are able and willing to thoroughly screen the potential adopters. A “free to good home” ad is an easy way of finding animals for the illegal dog fighting community, laboratories, people with criminal records of animal abuse etc. Please seek help from a reputable shelter.

If you have allergies, please check with your doctor to see if there is medication that can help you while you still keep your pet in your home.

Please make every effort first to find a way to keep your Best Friend in your home.  Surrendering a pet should be your last resort.  It is a difficult and heartbreaking experience for your pet. You will not be allowed to come to the shelter to visit your surrendered animal, nor will we be able to give you information about the new owner once the animal has been adopted. Make sure you are clear on this before surrendering your animal.

Surrenders are by appointment ONLY.

We operate with a wait-list for incoming animals. We have certain requirements for surrendered animals, and we also ask for a surrender fee. If you are surrendering a dog, we do require that you bring in the dog for an evaluation. Don’t wait until the last minute, please contact the Shelter for further information: or 203-438-0158.

Surrender Fees:

  • Dog – $200
  • Cat – $100

Fees are negotiable based on need, health of animal and available space.

How to Surrender a Cat:   

Phone the shelter with all relevant information including age, gender, and general disposition of your cat(s).  Be aware of your pet’s medical/vaccination history, including spay/neuter.  If we cannot accept your cat at the time of your call, we will add you to our waiting list.  Though we cannot guarantee the length of your wait, we will call you when a vacancy opens in our cat room.  The list is actively monitored; please be prepared to surrender your cat when we call.

All cats must be up to date on appropriate vaccinations including rabies and distemper.  In addition, cats must have a negative result on a feline leukemia/combo test within 3 months of coming to the shelter.

We cannot accept feral cats.

How to Surrender a Dog

Phone the shelter with relevant information including age, gender, breed and general disposition of your dog. Be aware of your pet’s medical/vaccination history including spay/neuter.  All dogs must be up to date on appropriate vaccinations including rabies and distemper.  We will schedule an appointment for you to bring your dog in for an evaluation.  We may or may not accept the dog into the shelter at that time, depending on kennel space.  Your dog must have proof of a rabies vaccine at the time of the evaluation.

We do not take in stray dogs.  If you find a stray dog, please call your local animal control office.